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Central Park Through the Eyes of Janet Ruttenberg: A Video

After 20 years of painting New York City’s famous park, the plein air artist is bringing her work to you.

A cropped portion of Rollerblades (oil and gold leaf on canvas, 82×180) by Janet Ruttenberg

Renowned plein air artist Janet Ruttenberg’s Central Park series captures the essence of what Frederick Law Olmstead, Central Park’s chief architect, envisioned this grand space would be for the people of New York City. Citizens populate the landscape, but the overhanging branches are equally important characters. Monuments, fountains, and skyscrapers remind the viewer of the achievements and creative bustle that are key to the city that never sleeps. And yet, details of flora and fauna insist on the importance of nature amidst all that human hum.

It has taken Ruttenberg 20 years to process the lay of the land and the people who come to relax. Most of that time she’s painted with no interest in selling or showing her work. But now, given that so many of us are social-distancing and staying at home during COVID-19, Ruttenberg is sharing her paintings for all to enjoy at home. The gesture is part of the Central Park Conservancy’s new social media series titled #MyCentralPark.

Take a look at the video of Ruttenberg’s Central Park series below.

Janet Ruttenberg’s The People’s Park

Every New Yorker has a unique relationship with Central Park. Janet Ruttenberg began her journey 20 years ago when she started painting in the Park nearly every day. Central Park is the ideal setting for her vast and immersive plein air watercolors. Writes scholar Charles Stuckey, « Her majestic paintings rival the best landscape paintings ever made anywhere.” Enjoy more of her artwork @studiofjanetruttenberg on Instagram and, and share your own relationship with the Park with #MyCentralPark: This film was made possible with the generous participation of Ira Millstein, Chairman, Life Trustee, Central Park Conservancy in partnership with Sara Kay Gallery. The accompanying text and expertise contributed by Curator, Charles Stuckey, was invaluable. Video was done masterfully by Jenna Pace, YOBRO, as was the audio by Allan Zaleski.

Posted by Central Park on Thursday, April 30, 2020

To learn more about Janet Ruttenberg, visit and check out the feature about her and her work in the September 2020 issue of Artists Magazine.

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