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Migrate Art’s Scorched Earth Project: The Exhibition

On Friday 18th September, Migrate Art’s Scorched Earth exhibition was installed at Cork Street Galleries in London. The charity exhibition includes works by contemporary artists made using Scorched Earth oil and acrylic paints. These paints were produced for Migrate by Jackson’s using ash from burnt crops in Iraqi Kurdistan, which were destroyed deliberately by militia groups.

Simon Butler, founder of Migrate Art, spoke to us about the project as the exhibition was being installed:


Scorched Earth oil and acrylic paints are available to preorder now, ahead of their release on Friday October 2nd. All proceeds raised will support Migrate Art and their charity partners — RefuAid, Refugee Community Kitchen, and The Lotus Flower.

Here is a selection of artworks from the exhibition, made using Scorched Earth paints:

Antony Gormley

Antony Gormley
Scorched Earth acrylic on paper, 55.8 x 38.3 cm


Raqib Shaw

Reflection on the Country
Without a Post Office

Raqib Shaw
Scorched Earth acrylic paint and enamel on aluminum panel, 30 x 48 cm


“I was lucky enough to have been part of a generation that didn’t witness the extreme state of unrest in my childhood home of Kashmir. Since independence from Britain, India and Pakistan have disputed the territory of Kashmir for nearly 70 years. Wars between India and Pakistan have centred on Kashmir, there has been armed revolt in the Muslim-majority region against rule by India and the young generation are becoming radicalised. When I think of Kashmir, I think about what has been lost; the place I once knew is now of the past. I could never return. . Whether or not today’s refugees are fleeing from political or economical trouble, I identify with, and have great empathy for the sense of displacement they must feel. The only way I can express my true feelings is through my art – as a means of release and escapism – so I am happy to be contributing to the Migrate project in aid of this worthwhile cause”

– Raqib Shaw

Watch our film of Raqib Shaw in his studio here.

Mona Hatoum

SE, 2020
Mona Hatoum
Acrylic and ash on card, 45.5 x 35.5


Jules de Balincourt

It Depends on What Direction You Look In
Jules de Balincourt
Scorched Earth oil, and oil stick on wooden panel, 76.2 x 86.4 cm


“I’m interested in placing the viewer at a crossroad, presenting a duality or binary. In It Depends on What Direction You Look In, are these fireworks of celebration or explosions of oppression? I want to leave the viewer in suspense, wonder, and uncertainty; leaving one to wander.”

-Jules de Balincourt

Conor Harrington

Monument Man- of Rubble and Ruin
Conor Harrington
Scorched Earth oil on birch panel, 60 x 80 cm


Loie Hollowell

Red Earth
Loie Hollowell
Scorched Earth oil paint, acrylic medium, and sawdust on linen over panel, 33 x 22.8 cm


“When I was approached to take part in Migrate Art’s project, I kept thinking about this intense, primal love that a mother has over her children, how I feel about my two children… I felt inspired to participate because providing safe passage for families and refugees is important work, and I’m honoured to be able to help.”

-Loie Hollowell

Richard Deacon

Mirage 1 & 2
Richard Deacon
Wax crayon & ash on watercolour paper, 38 x 50 cm (each)


Anish Kapoor

Scorched Earth
Anish Kapoor
Gouache and Scorched Earth acrylic on watercolour paper, 13.9 x 19 cm


Walid Siti

TrialsWalid Siti
Scorched Earth acrylic paint, plaster, and straw on board, 70 x 53 x 11 cm


“Coming from the region and having witnessed what happened to Yazidis through friends and media as well visiting the refugee camps near Duhok in 2018, the cause of this project resonated with my sense of rage, helplessness and the urge to help as an artist. My work increasingly considers the precarious relations between collective identity, interdependence and its constraints on the individual through considerations of heritage, tradition, homes, borders, mobility and migration in general so with this project I’m combining many of these themes within this new work titled Trials.”

– Walid Siti


  • Scorched Earth oil and acrylic paints are available to preorder now, ahead of their release on Friday October 2nd. All proceeds raised will support Migrate Art and their charity partners.
  • Read this blog post to find out how Scorched Earth oil paints were made.


Evie Hatch

Evie enjoys giving advice about materials and products. In-depth research into materials plays a large part in her own work; she uses traditional techniques, such as silverpoint, and makes her own paints. Evie graduated in 2016 from Camberwell with a degree in drawing.

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