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Schmincke have added 15 limited edition super-granulating colours to their Horadam watercolour range. Each colour contains a combination of granulating pigments which separate and settle into the paper surface for textural watercolour effects. Artist, Anna Zadorozhnaya, shares her thoughts on the new series.

By Anna Zadorozhnaya

German brand Schmincke, who produces paints and mediums, has released a new limited edition series: super-granulating watercolours.

What is granulation? Briefly, it is the process of paint particles falling out into visible flakes which creates additional texture on the paint surface.


granulating watercolours

Granulating watercolours on paper, showing how the pigment settles into the paper dimples.


The new special edition of Schmincke super-granulating watercolours is part of the Horadam professional range. It includes 15 colours in 15 ml tubes, which are grouped into three series: ‘Deep Sea’, ‘Glacier’ and ‘Galaxy’. There are five shades in each series, which best reflect the colours of similar scenes. All series’ have blue and black shades, and then they are distributed according to the name of the series: ‘Galaxy’ has purple and pink shades, ‘Glacier’ has cold blue and blue shades, and ‘Deep Sea’ contains greenish and blue colours. The whole new line consists of blue, green, brown, pinkish-violet and black.


The 'Galaxy' series of super-granulating colour

The ‘galaxy’ series of super-granulating watercolours.


Among the notable features of the new special edition are the principle of selection of pigments. All of the colours are based on at least two pigments that have been used in Schmincke watercolour paints before. But in this series these pigments are specially selected/combined to give super-granulation. Granulation is often achieved simply by mixing paint with the highly granulating black pigment PBk11, but Schmincke used the principle of combining two different pigments which are highly granulating by themselves and also look harmonious together. This is a unique solution that no other paint manufacturer has. In addition, some of the paints in this series beautifully fall apart into several pigments, such as Glacier Green, which uses two pigments, green and brown.

All paints in the series are highly lightfast (4**** and 5*****) and are predominantly semi-opaque/semi-transparent.

An overview of Schmincke’s super-granulating colours


Glacier series

Glacier Turquoise

Pigments: PG50, PV16
A shade more gentle and less vivid than the usual Cobalt Turquoise: a cold green-blue.


Glacier Blue

Pigments: PB29, PG50
A bright blue based on ultramarine, deep and saturated.


Glacier Green

Pigments: PR233, PG50
An incredibly beautiful colour, combining green and brown.


Glacier Brown

Pigments: Br6, PG26
A warm saturated brown, where greenish specks can be seen.


Glacier Black

Pigments: PBk11, PB35
Black, based on mars black with cobalt blue pigment.


Galaxy series

Galaxy Pink

Pigments: PV16, PBr33
A very beautiful pure cold pink.


Galaxy Violet

Pigments: PR233, PB29
A violet hue breaking down into particles of blue and purple. In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful colours of the entire special edition.


Galaxy Blue

Pigments: PG50, PB29.
A cold blue with a distinct greenish undertone.


Galaxy Brown

Pigments: PV62, PBr6
Brown going into an orange undertone, warmer than brown in the Glacier series.


Galaxy Black

Pigments: PBk11, PB29
Black with a mixture of ultramarine; the coldest black of all three.


Deep Sea series

Deep Sea Green

Schmincke super-granulating watercolour
Pigments: PG18, PB29
A cold green, a shade most like malachite.


Deep Sea Violet

Pigments: PB29, PBr33
Denser and more intense than in the Galaxy series, the purple also disintegrates into blue and purple particles.


Deep Sea Blue

Pigments: PG50, PV16, PB29
A warm and soft shade with a velvety paint effect.


Deep Sea Indigo

Pigments: PV62, PG18
A saturated dark blue, green particles can be seen in the granulation.


Deep Sea Black

Pigments: PBk11, PB74, PB35
Black with a blue undertone, but the colour is warm rather than cold.


Painting with Schmincke super-granulating watercolours

My core palette as a practicing watercolour artist (with only 30 colours at the moment) includes 5 new colours which I actively use. These are:

  • Deep Sea Blue – a dim, dusty blue to create texture and granulation in mountain washes.
  • Glacier Green – divinely falling apart into two shades of red-brown and green, creating interest in trees/grass painting, good in both pure and mixtures.
  • Glacier Black – a cool granulating black for creating texture in the shade
  • Galaxy Pink – a very beautiful colour, creates incredible washes and also brilliant in pure form.
  • Galaxy Violet – differs from the similar colour in the Deep Sea series only by the brown pigment, both colours are incredible both in pure form and in mixtures, they can make a very beautiful picture by themselves.


Painting with the galaxy series of super-granulating colours

Painting with the galaxy series of super-granulating colours


Painting with the glacier series of super-granulating colours

Painting with the glacier series of super-granulating colours



To sum it up: the new Schmincke granulating colours, which arevery lightfast and using the natural nature of the pigment, are really worth a try. They allow to differ and create more interesting watercolour washes, are very beautiful in pure form and in mixtures and create an incredible texture on the surface of the paper. And it’s impossible not to fall in love with these colours: when you watch this watercolour paints flowing and granulating your heart freezes with delight.

Schmincke Horadam watercolours are available as single colours and in sets. The super-granulating colours are limited edition and will be available until Christmas.


About Anna

Anna Zadorozhnaya was born and lives in Moscow, Russia. Anna has an MA in Art from Oxford Brookes University and is a da Vinci and Schmincke ambassador. Anna is also a member of the International Federation of Aquarellists.

Her watercolour paintings can be found on her instagram page

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